May the Legion Grow

One day some 90 years ago

Frank Duff and others had found a way

To serve our Lady, To serve her well

Here’s what they had to say


May the Legion grow

All over the world today

Our Lady had shown the way

May the Legion grow (2x)

And when our envoys cross the sea

To serve in countries so far away

To very mission, in every town

Here’s what they all will say

And we the Le-gio-naries

All know the graces that comes our way

Serving our Lady, serving her well

So we all too should say.

Keep the Legion Marching on!

In Dublin, on the 7th of September ‘twenty one,

In Myra House in Francis Street the Legion there begun;

Frank Duff was the founder and he did a mighty job

To start the Legion marching on


Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

Let’s keep the Legion marching on

While working for the Church we try ourselves to sanctify,

In others, with Our Lady, Christ we see and serve with joy;

Guided by the Holy Spirit for the glory of Our God

We keep the Legion marching on.

Saint Louis de Montfort ranks high among his peers,

His “True Devotion to our Lady” was lost for many years;

That book inspires the Legion in a very special way

And helps the Legion marching on.

Envoys spread the Legion of Mary ‘round the world,

In many foreign lands the Legion banner they unfurled;

Edel Quinn and Alfie Lamb were of that gallant band

That sent the Legion marching on.

The Legion needs more members to continue with its work,

Recruiting therefore is a task no Legionary should shirk;

So recruit more Active members and Auxiliary members too

And keep the Legion marching on.

Battle Hymn of the Legion      

Our eyes have seen the glory of the rising of the dawn,

She is lovely as the moon and she is brilliant as the sun,

More awesome that the armies all the world has gazed upon.

Her Legion marches on.


All is in the hand of Mary

In the mighty hand of Mary

All is in the hand of Mary

Her Legion marches on.

In the member’s daily building of the body of the Lord

In the effort of the envoy off in country unexplored,

In the courage of the martyr facing prison or the sword,

Her Spirit marches on.

We will forge ahead united with her standard high unfurled

We will follow her to battle for the conquest of the world

We will fight till every evil to the depth of hell is buried

Our Legion marches on.

The Happy Legionary

I love our Old Praesidium

We are a happy throng

With each report we keep it short

Then sing this happy song


Legio, Legio, Legio


Legio, Legio, we sing this happy song

I love to go a visiting

My partner by my side

And as we roam from home to home

We sing this song with pride

The Curia send visitors

We’re glad to have them there

What they don’t know is when they go

We sing this happy air

I was a sorry one until

The Legion came along

Now life’s worthwhile and I can smile

And sing this happy song

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